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Literally thousands of people from the United States and Canada gather together once each year in Alma, Michigan (we call it "Scotland U.S.A.") to join in the celebration of the Alma Highland Festival and Games. Alma has a population of about 10,000 citizens, and our Festival has grown to become one of the largest, most prestigious attractions of its kind in the Mid West.

We have an Arts and Crafts Fair featuring over 120 crafters with an accent on Scottish goods. Our food vendors give you the chance to taste excellent Scottish food such as shortbread, empire biscuits, meat pies and briddies. We also have the Great Lakes Highland Dance Championship, which features the best highland dancers from the USA and Canada. Our Heavyweight Professional Athletic Competition on Saturday and the Great Lakes Heavyweight Amateur Athletic Competition Sunday feature folks tossing the caber (a cedar log the size of a telephone pole) with incredible ease. The US Open Pipe Band Championship features 27 to 32 pipe bands competing each year. Both individual and en masse equates to nearly 500 pipers and drummers playing in unison. It's incredible! When "Amazing Grace" sounds, chills head up your spine and bring tears to your eyes. The Saturday Morning Parade features Miss-Michigan and the Alma Queen of Scots, pipe bands, prize-winning floats, marching bands and an array of Scottish pageantry. Once and a while, we're lucky to be joined by the Lochness Monster, too!

Special events include a border collie sheep-herding exhibition,the Royal Scottish Country Dancers, Children’s games, and the 42nd Royal Regiment Reenactment group. Visit our FACEBOOK PAGE!

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